About Us

Dennis A. Smith,
Managing Director,
Writing the Wrong®

Writing the Wrong® is a NZ Licensed Private Investigator; the brainchild of Dennis A. Smith (bio).

Dennis is a New Zealand-based Private Investigative Author & Blogger with more than two million words published online and three dozen books to his credit.

In his recent career he has:

  1. Developed more than 500 websites (personally) from 1997-2009;
  2. Established the Web Developers Association of New Zealand (2006 – 2009);
  3. Blogged 2+ million words, primarily covering the Alternative Currency & the Samoan culture (as viewed from a Christian perspective);
  4. Since 2006, written 35 books (in various stages of publication);
  5. Written the book Corruption in Samoa (and being deported/banned from Samoa for exposing it from the Prime Minister down);
  6. Exposed numerous international Commercial Barter frauds (including: Ormita*, IRTA, Universal Currency, Tradeqoin*, Qoin*, BBX & Bartercard);

Fearless and a relentless truthseeker, Dennis (Nisi to his Samoan friends) enjoys standing up for “the little guy” and is ruthless to expose what he calls “crooks, crims & crazies“.

He explains Writing the Wrong® this way . . . “I want to help people get their story out. Crooks, crims & crazies like to hide. Like cockroaches, they flee when the light comes on.”

He operates from a Club Wairua in Taumarunui New Zealand.

“I love helping people, especially the underdog in a pickle trying to fight for justice against the greedy, selfish liars – wherever; whatever it takes!”

* An international fraudulent operation successfully closed down

NZ Private Investigator’s License: PSPLA 004201/2017