Writing the Wrong provides a range of services . . . anything to help people or companies ‘Get their story out!’

  1. Investigation. Most stories start with an investigation. Who said or did what and when? This may come from you in total, or it may be started by you and finished by us. Every case/story is different.
  2. Writing. There’s a saying about authors often answer to the question “Why do you write?” and it is that, “Writers write!” We write. Writing up your story – be it a brochure, website1, court case, billboard or book is a core part of who we are and what we do. Book Editing Guidelines.
  3. Photography. Photos and especially video, (most often used for a YouTube) can be a powerful part of getting your story out. Take it or scan it – we’re able and willing.
  4. Graphics. A picture, a logo, an infographic or anything graphic can speak a thousand words. Create it, modify it – we can do.
  5. Marketing/Promotion. Your story can often do with a shout – commercial, social or for increased influence it matters not, to whom or how – web, print or media. We can help.

Note: Some specialist services may be subcontracted.

1. Writing the Wrong uses and recommends the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS), WordPress, with the Genesis Framework (a technical framework that properly prepares your website for ANYTHING required in the future), and the latest Genesis child themes. Hosting is with Dreamhost in the USA.